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Exhibitor Prospectus

Exhibitor Prospectus Exhibitor Prospectus AeroDef Manufacturing is the one event that can take your business to the next level. Qualified buyers from aerospace and defense are looking for

Reserve a Meeting Room

Reserve a Meeting Room One of the most unexpected ways you can make vital connections is by hosting a meeting. There are options available for exhibitors at WESTEC who want a room for private

Attendees Testimonials

Attendees Testimonials What do your peers have to say about AeroDef? Since AeroDef launched in 2011, more than 8,000 aerospace and defense manufacturing professionals have attended the event.

Why Exhibit?

Why Exhibit? Find out why you should exhibit at AeroDef. This conference and trade show helps exhibitors connect with aerospace and defense professionals with purchasing power. Meet aerospace and

Executive Committee

AeroDef Manufacturing ® has developed an executive committee made up of the leading OEMs in the United States to drive the development of this industry-defining event.

Hours & Location

Hours & Location Find out the hours and location that AeroDef takes place. AeroDef is a must-attend conference and trade show for the aerospace and defense manufacturing industries.