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Need Approval to Attend AeroDef?

<Supervisor Name>,

I would like to get your approval to attend SME’s 2023 AeroDef Manufacturing Conference & Exhibition in Long Beach, CA, November 7 – 9, 2023. This annual event gathers the world’s top aerospace and defense manufacturing professionals to discuss relevant and timely topics, as well as future challenges and opportunities. 

There is no other conference where I will have the chance to learn about the latest and emerging technologies impacting our business. By attending AeroDef, I will have the opportunity to surround myself with the best talent in the aerospace industry – which will expand my skills and increase business productivity and intelligence. It is important that we are at this event, and I hope that you will approve of my attendance. 

I will be able to select from around 100 technical presentations over three days, tailoring my schedule to secure exactly the information and knowledge we need as an organization. These sessions will be led by experts from industry, academia, and government who are working to overcome the most pressing challenges and leverage the greatest opportunities for our industry today.  Advanced workshops are also available to expand my knowledge on other relevant industry topics. 

I’ll also be able to attend keynotes and featured presentations by leaders at Northrop Grumman, NASA and Microsoft; panel discussions featuring todays ever changing supply chain challenges, talent pipeline, building supplier relations and other topical discussions.  I’ll have the opportunity to interact with other technical experts and peers by participating in event receptions and other group gatherings. 

In addition to the education, I will be able to meet with and explore technology solutions from more than 200 exhibiting companies who are showcasing their latest innovations during the three-day exhibition. 

Below is the approximate cost of attending for your review:

Airfare:                  $

Hotel:                     $

Meals:                    $

Registration:         $             

Total:                     $

Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you in advance for your support of my professional development.


<Your name >