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Aerospace Manufacturing Is Flying High

Aerospace manufacturing has influenced our world in innumerable ways, including employment and the global economy. In fact, it’s one of the world’s largest manufacturing industries in terms of

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AeroDef 2020 has been postponed

AeroDef 2020 has been postponed AeroDef 2020 has been postponed March 12, 2020 For almost 90 years, SME has stood for and supported manufacturing. For the past decade, we have looked forward to

AeroDef Manufacturing 2023

In manufacturing, you can’t afford to stand still. Get the tools you need to rev up your business at WESTEC®/AeroDef®, where the West Coast’s brightest manufacturing minds come together to explore, evaluate, connect and do business.

Manufacturing Processes and Materials, Fifth Edition

This book covers the basic processes, materials, and machinery used in the job shop, toolroom, or small manufacturing facility. At the same time, it describes advanced equipment used in larger production environments. The reader is given a thorough review of metals, composites, plastics, and other engineering materials, including their physical properties, testing, treatment, and suitability for use in manufacturing.