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Raytheon Delivers Next-Generation GPS Systems To US Air Force

Airforce Technology (11/7) reported that Raytheon has completed the “delivery of global positioning system next-generation operational control system’s (GPS OCX) launch and checkout system (LCS) to the US Air Force (USAF).” The LCS, “also called Block 0,” is a “cyber-secure ground system…required to launch the first GPS III satellite into orbit and perform initial on-orbit testing.” OCX is intended to “replace the current GPS operational control system,” and will “support the launch of GPS III satellites.” The OCX system, according to Raytheon, will work with both civilian and military signals. Raytheon Intelligence, Information and Services President Dave Wajsgras said that the delivery is a “major milestone” for the program, and keeps the Air Force “on track to launch the first modernised GPS satellite into space next year.” Wajsgras said that Raytheon has “strong forward momentum,” and will deliver the full system in 2021.