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Motion Simulation For Image Stabilization, Mars-Rover Proven Actuators, Smart Flexible Transducers: All At PI’s AeroDef Booth #1053

PI (Physik Instrumente), a leader in precision motion control solutions, will showcase an application of its 6-axis hexapod for motion simulation such as used to optimize stabilization systems on vessels, drones and even for cell phone cameras. PI hexapods are available in a variety of sizes with bases ranging from 100mm to 1m, different stiffness configurations, and supportive of loads from 2 kg to 1,000+ kg.

Piezo Ceramic Transducers and Smart Actuators

In addition to hexapods, PI will also show a variety of its world leading piezo ceramic actuators and transducers, such as the PICMA® Multilayer actuators and the DuraAct® flexible transducers.

Long-Life Temperature Tolerant Actuators

PI’s PICMA® piezo actuators were tested by NASA/JPL for the Mars mission and passed 100 billion cycles of life testing without failures. They also work over a large temperature range and are vacuum compatible.

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