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Iterations on the Fly

Change is one of the biggest constants in today’s digital environment. For many manufacturers change means being nimble enough to continuously improve product designs. Unfortunately, this can be a steep challenge using traditional approaches.

In a recent IndustryWeek webinar, Dassault Systems Solutions Consultant Ryan Benyshek walked through the process of using the 3DExperience to complete a subsystem generative design iteration on a small unmanned aerial system (sUAS).

Available as an on premise or cloud platform, 3DExperience enables manufacturers to quickly complete product iterations in one connected and integrated platform, ultimately avoiding common issues when depending on disparate systems to talk with one another. In this example, it enabled global teams to collaboratively and seamlessly work together to address engineering and manufacturing requirements, setup and validation.

“Normally, it’s over a year long process of designing a small unmanned aerial system that’s ready for first flight,” he says. “We took that design process and cut it down to four months.”

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