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Defense Manufacturing Innovations

Preserving the peace and security of the people can be a successful yet dangerous task and defense manufacturing plays a critical part in this role. New innovations are constantly being conceptualized, created, and tested to prepare forces for security.

This manufacturing industry has helped those innovations grow over the years. Creating parts that are less costly to make, executing faster production times, and creating new products ultimately help the future of the defense system.

Among the many new ways defense manufacturing has evolved, 3D printing has played a large role. Digital designs can now be made into high-strength and high-temperature physical parts used for testing, and if successful, mass production. As 3D printing and additive manufacturing become heavily available to the department of defense, more opportunities for this will arise.

Due to lower costs and faster production times, many companies are looking to the future and evolution of the industry. Some companies have been working with AM and 3D printing to produce large equipment. What once was only used for small parts and pieces, manufacturing within the defense system industrial base has grown to a much larger scale.

Sharing the Innovation

This is a growing industry; however, due to the large number of military branches and allies, new technologies and ideas can be difficult to share.

Government officials have recognized this issue and are working on a systematic way to unify the defense system and share resources between allies. This will aid the execution/planning stages as well as fill any gaps.

One department may have a better solution than another. By sharing innovative ideas and concepts, companies can spend less time problem solving for common issues and more time focusing on the future.

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