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AeroDef Insider Insights: Q&A with Sam Kellett Jr.

SME recently spoke with Sam Kellett, Jr., chairman, CEO and co-founder at United Sciences LLC. Sam is responsible for establishing and executing the overall strategic direction of United Sciences and drives the development and marketing of all precision 3D hole scanning solutions for targeted industries.

United Sciences’ eFit 3D ear scanner is now the industry standard in the hearing aid and custom in-ear monitor industries. United Sciences’ Aeroscan solution, 3D scanner for bore-hole and countersink inspections, is currently being adopted in multiple form factors by all of the prime aerospace airframe manufacturers.

Kellett is a featured presenter at this year’s AeroDef event.

Given your experience with brain and body sensing technologies, such as the custom-fit hearable wearable that you’ve created, called the aware, and seeing first-hand the advancements made in the past decade alone, what do you see as the tipping point for augmented reality? From being the side show bright shiny thing (like televisions were in the 1950s), to being an essential part of every day life. 

A key driver to adoption was getting the form factor, the UI, the functions and features right. Google Glass is best positioned today to be worn by all production line workers because it is lite, very easy to use, and has the great functionality. As an example, a lot of people don’t know you can record events with Glass on the production line. Upskill’s software drives the proper features through Google Glass and now enables it to be customized for specific tasks on the production line. The work instructions you can view through Upskill are really what drives the usability.