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A Manufacturing Conference Above the Rest – AeroDef 2020

With the wealth of information we have access to online today, and the ability we have to make online connections, you might wonder why anyone in the aerospace and defense field would still need, or want, to go to a manufacturing conference.

But if you don’t venture out to a manufacturing conference such as AeroDef, you’ll miss out on a number of things that can be beneficial to your career and personal development, such as:

  • Opportunities to network and build business relationships — no Skype interaction, email or tweet comes close to the power of a face-to-face meeting
  • Direct interaction with online friends and colleagues
  • Exposure to new products and industry trends
  • Connections with industry media
  • Top-flight industry education
  • Promotion of your brand

Plus, you can have fun. It’s invigorating to get away from your usual setting and routine, and Fort Worth, Texas — the location of AeroDef Manufacturing in March 2020 — provides you with multiple opportunities to play as well as work. A unique mix of cowboys and culture, Fort Worth features western attractions such as the Stockyards Championship Rodeo and Pawnee Bill’s Wild West Show alongside museums and botanical gardens.

Why Fort Worth?

But the main reason you’ll be in Fort Worth is the manufacturing conference, so don’t forget to bring along all the essentials you need to make your trip stress-free. You don’t want to load yourself down with too much, but you don’t want to leave behind something you need, either. There’s nothing worse than realizing your phone or laptop is almost out of juice — and you forgot to bring your charger — when you’re in the midst of an enlightening panel discussion featuring luminaries in your field.

Make sure to bring these necessities:

  • Laptop — You’ll want to take lots of notes at our high-level seminars, panels and keynotes
  • Chargers for your laptop and phone — Most shows have charging stations, but a battery pack or solar charger always comes in handy
  • Notebook
  • Pens and pocket protectors
  • AeroDef badge — Pick this up upon arrival
  • Business cards — You’ll have countless networking opportunities, so be sure to bring extras

Also, make sure you take advantage of websites that can help your company save money when you travel to a manufacturing conference — not only the sites that help with air travel and hotel rooms, but also lesser-known sites such as the GasBuddy Trip Cost Calculator. This free, handy little budget tool will calculate near-accurate gas cost based on your driving route.

Now, start planning to make the best of your trip to AeroDef.