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AeroDef Manufacturing 2019: Technology Breakthroughs Transforming Manufacturing

Conference returns to Long Beach in April 2019

SME’s AeroDef Manufacturing conference and exposition will gather the leading companies and executives from aerospace and defense manufacturing revealing technology breakthroughs, top-tier education, unique processes and innovative solutions. The event takes place April 29 to May 2 at the Long Beach Convention Center.

Tuesday Highlights

For supply chains in the aerospace and defense industry, keeping pace with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who are dramatically increasing production rates for components, systems and services is a major challenge. Tuesday’s keynote is from Kevin Mitchell, sector vice president, Global Operations, Northrop Grumman, who will explore the challenges and opportunities in the aerospace and defense OEM supply chain.

Tuesday also features two panel discussions. The first explores cybersecurity for additive manufacturing and highlights experts from GE Global Research, Northrop Grumman and Identify3D. The second is a discussion about the successes, opportunities and challenges of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Wednesday Highlights

The aerospace industry is under economic pressure, requiring cost-efficient material and processing technologies to produce competitive composite structures without losing mechanical performance. Wednesday’s keynote speaker, Andreas Wuellner, executive vice president and general manager, Composites, Fibers & Materials, SGL Carbon, will give an introduction into the fiber-placement process and draw a bow from the first aerospace components based on fiber-placement technology to materials used in today’s programs.

Wednesday also features three comprehensive industry panels. The first focuses on how Industry 4.0 can harmonize the manufacturing environment; panelists hail from Lockheed Martin, Boeing, SGL Carbon and Plataine. The second discusses OEM small business outreach and features OEM Small Business Liaison Officers, the advocates for small businesses. The last panel looks at career management and progression through career stages. Emerging professionals and students will gain useful information to develop and execute their professional development plans including training, career stages and transitions. This will also serve as a networking forum for students and emerging professionals.

AeroDef features multiple panels, workshops, facility tours, networking receptions and nearly 100 conference technical sessions. Attendees have a chance to be a part of live, participative demonstrations, keep tabs on what leading aerospace and defense manufacturing companies are doing to stay competitive, and ask questions face-to-face with aerospace contract suppliers, engineers, product designers, executives and more.

To learn more, visit There, you can view the event schedule and see the list of exhibitors and speakers. Get involved in the conversation before, during and after the event by downloading the AeroDef mobile app on the App Store or Google Play or at Follow AeroDef on Facebook, @AeroDefMfg on Twitter, or joining the discussions on LinkedIn.