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AeroDef Insider Insights: Q&A with John Sitilides

SME recently talked to John Sitilides, geopolitical strategist at Trilogy Advisors LLC, to discuss geopolitical risk and global strategies in the decade ahead. He chairs the U.S. State Department’s Advanced Area Studies Program for Southeast Europe (under U.S. government contract) at the Foreign Service Institute. He has testified before Congress and is a regular national security commentator on leading broadcast, print and digital media. Sitilides is a featured presenter at this year’s AeroDef Manufacturing event.

What's the first step to better engaging the global relations, the aerospace and defense manufacturing industry has with trade, diplomatic and military, based on the current and projected geopolitical agendas? 

Educating the public with wide-eyed clarity about the relentless importance of United States national security and the need for constant American leadership to reassure committed allies, persuade skeptical partners and deter enemies around the world. This is critical to achieving the political will and budgetary support, against the backdrop of growing entitlement spending and diminishing discretionary and military spending, to properly finance the defense capability the United States and its allies require to protect their political systems and the global economy which provides the prosperity of our respective societies.

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