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Robotic Material Removal and Finish on Parts with High - Approaches From Big to Small Companies

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Rising quality demands as well as tighter manufacturing tolerances to achieve more competitive technologies in aerospace, space and defence application demand a more automated manufacturing process with high repeatability and process control.

Automation opens those doors but where to start as a company. The more machines, the less human factor is inside a products quality fluctuation. Furthermore, when you can keep the operator out of the dull dirty and dangerous part of the operation it is a win for the company and employees.

Surface finishing, surface prep, paint prep, conditioning, deburring, sanding, grinding, drilling, have been a lot of the tasks where automation was long time to complex to be applied. Easier on big lot sizes like in automotive, much harder when it goes down to high complex one of parts for business jets.

This session should present a very hands-on overview about the above described processes.

  • How they have been deployed in different sizes of companies.
  • How flexible robotics is the real job/revenue generator though out the US aerospace industry.
  • What you must focus in order to achieve a ROI.
  • Case studies with application videos.
  • A start guide on what automation path makes sense – And if wanted from a member – up to an hour free consulting on their production site about where to start