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Manage Costs & Retain Your Workforce with People-Centric Technology Investments

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Manufacturing the most vital machines and equipment to our economy has pressures over and above those felt by other manufacturing segments. Extended reliability and high quality are expected while at the same time managing rising material & labor costs. Compounded with an urgent need to recruit & retain the best & the brightest, how can manufacturers in this space sustain their pipeline of intelligent people on top of everything else? Many leaders look to traditional automation solutions but struggle to make the return on investment attractive.

But there is hope! Manufacturers just like you are leveraging smart technologies focused on the worker at the center to create lasting change in quality, productivity & worker engagement. These collaborative automation technologies are people-centric automation investments that create new ROI calculations and empower workers.

Join this session for business leaders & engineers to learn why others are automating and how they are doing it with collaborative automation technologies. We will discuss when to automate, preparing the organization for automation, the differences between traditional automation and collaborative automation and we will provide real case study examples of value being created from people-centric technology investments like: autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), operator guidance technologies, AR/VR, wearables, exo-skeletons, quadrupeds, drones and cobots. In a fun and fast format, we’ll end with an action plan for your collaborative automation journey that can be followed regardless of your starting point.

  • Will Healy III
    Global Industry Segment Manager, Welding
    Teradyne / Universal Robots