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Leveraging AI Solutions to Ramp Up Production and Overcome Industry Challenges

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In the face of global uncertainties, instability in market demand, workforce shortage and supply chain disruptions, advanced manufacturers must examine innovative strategies to improve operations while lowering production costs. Industry 4.0 solutions like AI and IIoT are driving the digital transformation in the manufacturing sector and helping factories achieve efficiency goals and improve sustainability while cutting costs.

One example of an AI-based solution that can help manufacturers ramp up production is Plataine's manufacturing optimization software. The software analyses market demand and inventory on-hand in order to optimize production schedules and identify potential bottlenecks. This helps manufacturers to increase their production rates and efficiency, and better manage supply-chain disruptions.

The benefits of extreme automation include streamlined processes, the elimination of production delays, reduced errors and rework, and freeing up the existing workforce from repetitive manual tasks. Digitized and optimized manufacturing processes lead to increased utilization of factory resources, minimized costs, improved on-time delivery, and enhanced human-machine collaboration. Optimized manufacturing operations also maintain flexibility to adapt to sustainability regulations and the new circular economy.

We will present a case study of Middle River Aerostructure Systems (ST Engineering) that implemented Plataine's solution and started to see benefits from better yields and better and a 5% increase in material usage efficiency. MRAS have eliminated 95% of out time excursion defects and achieved 96% first-time-right yield for composite Nacelle structure.

Plataine’s Digital Assistant recommends to operators the most suitable material that should be used for each work order and provide other actionable recommendations.