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Keeping up with Automation: How is Automation evolving, when does Automation make sense, and how is AI changing the way we think about Automation?

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Automation is often considered the gold standard for manufacturing processes – in theory. In practice, automation as a true value proposition is complicated. Join us as industry experts discuss the past, present and future of manufacturing automation, including how Artificial Intelligence is changing the way the industry approaches automated solutions. Gain insights from subject matter experts, OEMs and Manufacturers on their view of automation's supply chain impact.

Key insights include:

  • How should we be thinking about Automation in order to maximize value?
  • Where does Automation make sense, and where does it not? (product types, process types, volume types, skill types, maturity, market, etc…)
  • How is Artificial Intelligence (AI) changing the way we automate manufacturing?
  • How do I know if a lack of automation is holding me and my business back?
  • What does my customer expect of me when it comes to automation?
  • How is automation impacting the supply chain? In a more automated / integrated supply chain, how to today’s suppliers adapt?
  • Ryan Kelly
    General Manager
    The Association for Manufacturing Technology
  • Cody Brown
  • Stav Davis
    Head of Operations
    Gray-Matter Robotics
  • Dave Lyons
    Propulsion Systems Engineer
  • Ed Mehr
    Machina Labs
  • Robert Folts
    Digital Manufacturing SME
    Siemens Government Technologies